Ongoing Research – slowly building up the knowledge base!

As of this afternoon, I have completed a first stage of many by documenting my scanned (poorly) handwritten notes for a personal research project I have in mind. An example from one of the 184 notes I have uploaded in recent days is shown below.

*be prepared for a geek moment

Doxie 0240 example - Yellow Wagtail 1

Doxie scanned example of handwritten notes – Yellow Wagtail 1



I have also tagged them within Evernote with various wordings for later referencing. For those of you who don’t know what Evernote is, it is a digital note-taking software package and is available with both offline and online versions. Below is an example screen grab of my current Evernote setup for the purposes of this Bird Research Project.


Evernote setup screen grab example - Yellow Wagtail 1

Evernote setup screen grab example – Yellow Wagtail 1


I may eventually try to find a way of incorporating this growing evidence base of notes of viable conservation measures onto Trello. Again, for those unaware of this particular Social Media tool, it is pretty much, a Project Management software package. Please follow the previously stated URLs for further information on both programs.


Trello Naturestimeline Birds and Birding Board screen grab example

Trello Naturestimeline Birds and Birding Board screen grab example

In addition to my aforementioned handwritten notes, I have amassed a whole host of referable sources covering numerous topics in recent months. As with anything entrepreneurial, one obstacles will probably be a lack of funds and it is also a very time-consuming process to boot. Nonetheless, as you can see, I have big plans for Naturestimeline, Naturestimeline StandUp4Nature and UKbirdingtimeline in the future. Should you be interested in finding out more, just drop me an email at info AT naturestimeline dot com. Who knows, we might be able to work together for the common good and attempt to address that most pertinent of questions “why birds matter and how to conserve them”.


Best Wishes


Tony Powell




naturestimeline Education services – “A conservation professional sharing his personal perspective on breaking news stories from the world of nature alongside his own accounts from the field.”



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7 responses to “Ongoing Research – slowly building up the knowledge base!

  1. Interesting info and exercise. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Tony – I keep meaning to investigate Evernote, but haven’t quite got round to it. Hopefully your good example will spur me on to get organised!

  3. Cheers Annabelle. I am a big user of both Evernote and Trello now and watched many video clips in order to get the best out of each program. Both, especially Evernote are very useful in bringing some organisation to your personal and working life. It can be utilised in so many ways and not just as in my example above. For instance, I’m hoping it can eventually serve as a tool to further my freelancing career. Anyone need a researcher for some research projects? Lol.

  4. Reblogged this on naturestimeline and commented:

    For those who might have missed this, I’ll reblog this article here. On my way to fulfilling my mission statement. “birding through the seasons, why birds matter and how to conserve them”.

  5. Good luck with the research project Tony, I hope it helps take you where you want to go. The organising system looks interesting – I have notebooks and journals full of random information that may take years to scan and catagorise. Could be interesting to draw it all together though.

  6. Thanks Theresa, hopefully somebody will realise the efforts I personally go to, in getting the knowledge out there via naturestimeline’s Social Media channels. This research project is being addressed with an overall objective in mind, hopefully in time I’ll able to reveal more about my plans.

    Thanks for commenting and taking an interest.

    Best Wishes


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